Jayne Franklin is proud to serve the San Francisco Bay area as Owner/Trainer of Great Pups Dog Training.

After studying animal biology and behavior in college, Jayne worked with animals off and on while involved with other career paths.  Jayne started her professional dog training career as Trainer for Dog Squad Dog Training, associated with the Canine Trade Group, founded by John Van Olden.  To acquire the necessary skills to be the best reward-based dog trainer, Jayne trained in John’s rigorous dog trainer course. John’s school, Canine Trade Group, allowed Jayne to study canine psychology and also immediately work with troubled dogs from local rescues so that they would become vetted and more adoptable. She learned hands-on how to utilize the quadrants of operant conditioning, and how to guide owners on setting their dogs up for reward and behavioral success. 

After 3 years as the Dog Squad and part of The Canine Trade Group, an amazing organization which from whom she have learned so much, she decided pursue who own path to allow more flexibility in training programs and personal lifestyle.  Jayne is now proud Owner/Trainer of Great Pups Dog Training

Jayne also brings to her training background her own training as a competitive equestrian in the sport of Dressage.  A very demanding relationship between horse and rider, that raises the bar on understanding the relationship between animals and humans.  Both dogs and horses have a will to dominate us being pack and herd animals respectively.  It is up to us to convince them what we want is what they want!

“My goal is for your Pup to be well adjusted member of your family, that would be welcome with you anywhere, restaurants, stores, etc. and be well behaved, relaxed and appreciated.  Have fun and be safe!”   Jayne Franklin