Jayne Franklin is proud to serve the San Francisco Bay area as Trainer/Owner of Great Pups Dog Training.

After studying animal biology and behavior in college, Jayne worked with dogs off and on while involved with other career paths. Jayne started her professional dog training in 2016, working with the Canine Trade Group, founded by John Van Olden. John’s Leadership Theory of Dog Training encourages proper training protocols based on extensive research from scientists worldwide studying canine psychology and physiology. 

Following the Leadership Theory of Dog Training, Jayne will introduce an approach to training different from the norm. Learning sit, down, and stay are all useful commands; however, if there is something more interesting going on, your dog will likely want to get involved with that and ignore you. The basis of dog training should be having your dog FOCUS on you over all the distractions surrounding them. Jayne will help you build this focus with commitment-based training, working with you until your goals are met and helping you understand the challenges our dogs pose to us every day with their wills to be in charge. We will lead them in the right direction!  

Jayne also brings to her background training as a competitive amateur equestrian in the sport of Dressage. A very demanding relationship between horse and rider raises the bar to understand the relationship between animals and humans.

Our relationship with our dogs is never a given. It is nuanced and transitional, continually changing and balanced by our dog’s desire to be the ‘pack’ leader. Jayne will train you to train them, leading them in the right direction, helping your dog understand his place in your pack. Her goal is to build your confidence in handling your dog, building their faith and trust in your relationship with them.

“My goal is for your Pup to be a well-adjusted member of your family that would be welcome with you anywhere, restaurants, stores, etc., and be well behaved, relaxed, and appreciated. Have fun and be safe!”  Jayne Franklin