Commitment-based Training Program: 

One-time fee. Training occurs over several months or as long as it takes to meet your goals. Training is at your pace and on your schedule. If something breaks down in the future, Jayne is available to assist. This program applies to all age dogs, rescues, and dogs in need of behavior modification.  Consults may be arranged before you bring your new puppy home which will give you a great opportunity to be prepared for the journey ahead.

This training program includes all group workshops both on and off leash at no additional charge. You may attend as many as you like.  Held in convenient parks around the East Bay on a regular basis, these workshops are designed for desensitization, teaching both you and your pup to be calm around other dogs both on leash and off. Puppies may begin attending as early as 5 months.

Individual Lessons: 

The lessons included in the commitment-based training program are also available individually and you pay as you go.  As many or as few as you would like.  

Please reach out to Jayne for pricing and setting up a consultation.

How it works:

Jayne is trainer/owner of Great Pups Dog Training, and all work is with her. Training will start privately in the home and eventually get out into the environment, dealing with desensitization in all types of situations, including addressing desensitization with other dogs, both on and off leash.


Training puppies may begin as early as 8 weeks. Puppies have a great potential to be amazing adult dogs. Training may begin at any time but starting them when they first join you really gets YOU on the right page.  Jayne trains you to train them. Setting you up for great success. Jayne offers pre-arrival home consultations, allowing you to sit down with her, hear her leadership theory of dog training and prepare for what you may or may not need to get started.


Training may begin when you bring your recently rescued dog home. Your new rescue normally may not show their real character when first brought into your home. If they are carrying any ‘baggage’ from their previous environment, it normally comes out between two weeks and two months of living with you. However, training for rescues can be successful with recent rescues or rescues that have been with you any length of time.  It is never too late to get started.

Behavior Modification:

Dogs having issues with a variety of problems, from barking to leash aggression. Training for dogs of all ages. Again, it is never too late. Please inquire with Jayne to discuss your dog’s issue(s) and set up a consultation.

Client Support:

All of Jayne’s programs include unlimited availability via text, email, or phone call for on-going support.  She always strives to get back to you as soon as possible to answer questions, give advice and encouragement.

Contact Jayne

Please contact Jayne via text, call or email at:


[email protected]