In my group workshops, we do many different exercises to allow your dog to get used to being around other dogs on leash.  This is the Serpentine.   Other dogs sit in a circle while one person and their dog, walks quietly around them.  Not only is it important that the moving dog is calm, but also the ones sitting still.  Notice the relaxed posture of the handler, if we are relaxed our dogs are relaxed.

Another example of the Serpentine.

 Practicing Heeling.  The heel is an action command, your dog walking quietly next to you, their shoulder at you knee, on a loose leash, meaning the leash clasp attached to the collar is hanging, and you have only enough leash between your hand and collar, that you can give slight corrections if necessary.  You are not having to raise your arm with the correction. Again it is so important that we are relaxed.

Meet and Greet:  Manners are important! Over excited dogs can get somebody hurt or at least embarrassed!  Here we are practicing walking up to another person with their dog, have you dog sit quietly, then introduce yourself and dog to the other couple. Then each couple walks around the other and back to their spot.

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